What Chefs Seek in Refrigeration: The unsung hero of every professional kitchen

In the intensely busy world of professional kitchens, refrigeration is the backbone of chef’s operations. From preserving ingredients’ freshness, to ensuring food safety standards are met, the right refrigeration equipment can make or break a culinary masterpiece. But what exactly do chefs look for when it comes to refrigeration? Let’s delve into the main factors.


Above all, chefs look for refrigeration equipment they can rely on, day in and day out. Unplanned breakdowns can spell disaster in a busy kitchen, leading to costly food spoilage and disrupted service. Chefs prioritize refrigeration units known for their durability and consistent performance, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures and costs. When looking for the most robust refrigeration, ask other chefs for their experience with certain equipment to reassure you that whatever refrigeration you choose, not only will it last, but if it ever does break down you’ll receive the best/ quickest service from the company.

Temperature Control

Maintaining precise temperature control is non-negotiable in the world of professional cooking. Chefs require refrigeration solutions capable of holding specific temperatures for different types of ingredients, from delicate produce to perishable proteins. The ability to adjust settings accurately and quickly is paramount to preserving food quality and extending shelf life. Adande gives you the flexibility to set the temperature of your refrigeration unit to within 0.1 °C to suit the food you are holding. You are able also to change the temperature, from fridge to freezer and back again, as you need.

Space Efficiency

Chefs look for under counter fridges that maximise storage capacity without taking up too much valuable space. The Adande design allows for seamless placement of combi ovens on top, as well as doubling up as a convenient prep counter surface, great for orders on deck. Stackability with Adande units (up to 3 drawers) also means you can take true advantage of your kitchen space, with the option of having a blast chill function included. That’s the perfect under counter refrigerator freezer!

Energy Efficiency

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness and rising energy costs, chefs prioritise energy-efficient equipment that minimises their carbon footprint and helps save on their energy bills. Thanks to Adande’s patented technology we can save you nearly 50% in energy costs. Ask our team for testimonials on this to discover more.

Adaptability to Workflow

In a busy kitchen, keeping things flowing smoothly is key, and that includes having refrigeration that fits right in with everything else. Chefs want units that make life easier, like ones with easy access and a bird’s eye view of all your produce. This means time is not wasted hunting for produce at the back of an under counter cabinet!

Longevity and Warranty

Investing in quality refrigeration equipment is an investment in the future of a chef’s kitchen. Chefs prioritize units known for their durability and longevity, backed by robust warranties that provide peace of mind against unexpected malfunctions. A reliable warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s craftsmanship and reliability. Rest assured when you buy Adande, we are built to last with our 5-year UK warranty*.

Refrigeration is truly the unsung hero of every professional kitchen, silently preserving the freshness and quality of ingredients while enabling chefs to unleash their culinary creativity. By prioritizing reliability, temperature control, space efficiency, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, adaptability to workflow, and longevity, chefs can choose refrigeration solutions that elevate their kitchen operations to new heights of excellence. That’s why professionals in the know choose Adande.