Adande Prep Counter

Standalone Commercial Refrigeration Solution
(A+ fridge above standard drawer (VAR2) or standard above A+ fridge drawer (AVR2)
Shallow above A+ fridge drawer (SAS2) or A+ fridge above shallow drawer (ASS2)
A+ fridge above standard drawer (AVS2) or standard above A+ fridge drawer (VAS2)
shallow above standard drawer (SVS2) or standard above shallow drawer (VSS2)
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The Adande prep counter fridge is the ultimate solution for busy professional kitchens. The standalone food preparation workstations are designed to be positioned in the heart of the cookline, providing bulk temperature-controlled storage for simple and fast access to meal ingredients. The castor mounted modules may be relocated easily to meet changes in kitchen requirements. The prep counter units are specified throughout the foodservice industry from fine dining to sandwich shops. The models are specified frequently for specialist ice cream parlours, as the temperature control feature has advantages for the storage and serving of gelato. The bottom drawer of the unit may be set at -18oC, which is the optimum temperature for the long-term storage of gelato, eliminating the formation of ice crystals. The upper drawer may be set at -14oC, during service, which is the perfect temperature for soft scoop service.


Models are available with side or rear-mounted engines. The units feature a solid load bearing worktop for ample food preparation space or the mounting of complementary equipment. For operations requiring access from both sides of the unit, a pass through ‘matchbox’ option may be supplied. Each module comprises two drawers, each accommodating four 100 mm deep 1/1 GN pans with the capacity for 40 kg of food per drawer. Units may also be configured with a shallow drawer, housing four 75 mm deep 1/1 GN pans to hold 30 kg of food.


Food storage versatility is assured by the independent control of each drawer through temperature range of -22°C to +15°C, at 0.1°C increments. A+ energy rated fridge only models with a temperature range of 0°C to 15°C are also available and options include combinations with drawers at each of these temperature ranges.


In addition to ergonomic features, the prep counter fridge offers advantages in terms of energy efficiency and food quality. The unique insulated horizontal container design, with ‘hold the cold’ technology prevents chilled air escaping from the drawer each time it is opened. This helps maintain accurate and stable temperature within the fridge, keeping food fresh and limiting the consumption of electricity. The unit operates as standard on a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant, R600a, which has minimal Global Warming Potential (GWP) and exceptional thermodynamic performance qualities.