The Bora summer steal

As summer approaches, it’s time to transform your retail space and elevate your customer experience with the Adande Bora multi-deck. Say goodbye to problematic doors and high energy bills, and embrace an innovative open-display solution that promises efficiency, convenience, and style. For a limited time, seize the opportunity to enhance your space and sales with our exclusive UK offer of just £4395 and FREE delivery.

Stimulating impulse purchases & driving sales

The Bora’s open-display design revolutionizes the customer experience, inviting easy access and reducing wait times for ‘on-the-go’ customers. By removing barriers between customers and products, the Bora stimulates impulse purchases and drives sales. This technology also ensures optimal freshness and visual appeal of produce, without the blockage of condensation hiding the view of produce or broken doors raising temperatures and spoiling food. The Bora’s seamless blend of accessibility, sustainability, food freshness and colour variety transforms the retail landscape.

Powered by Aircell Technology

At the core of Bora’s success lies its cutting-edge patented Aircell technology, a game-changer in cold air retention. By harnessing Aircell technology, the Bora ensures great temperature stability throughout the cabinet with recycled vertical airflow, eliminating iced-up produce and preserving food freshness evenly. This innovative approach not only minimizes waste but also minimizes wasted energy, as the eliminated back panel flow means no air is pushed out onto shop floors.

A key highlight of the Bora multideck is its remarkable energy efficiency, achieved without compromising performance. Typically reserved for cabinets with glass doors, the Bora’s high B-class energy rating significantly reduces electricity bills and minimises your carbon footprint. The Bora not only benefits businesses financially but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future. In addition to its impressive energy efficiency and sustainable features, the Bora multideck offers unparalleled versatility and reliability. With a storage capacity of up to 300 kg of produce. Whether storing delicate proteins at renowned establishments like Yo!Sushi and Wasabi or satisfying hunger with sandwiches at esteemed universities like Sheffield University and Leicester University, the Bora is the best choice as a multideck on the market today.

Line up of Bora cabinet coloured units

Want to find out more?

Remove doors, remove high energy & reimagine retail this summer and beyond. Ask our team about our exclusive UK offer of just £4395 and FREE delivery today.


The Bora must be ordered by 20th August 2024 and delivery taken by 30th August 2024. Ts and Cs apply on delivery, subject to site survey. Offer only available for black, white and stainless-steel units. Other colours require extra cost. For more info, please contact