Adande Bulk Storage

Large Commercial Refrigeration Solution For Storage
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Adande bulk storage fridges are ideal for foodservice operators requiring increased temperature-controlled storage at the point of meal preparation, without taking up additional kitchen floorspace. The three drawer modules can accommodate twelve 100 mm deep 1/1 GN pans, providing a total storage capacity of up to 120 kg of food per unit. These models have become increasingly popular with multi-brand dark kitchens, which require a broader range of ingredients conveniently at hand in the cookline. Bulk storage fridges are suitable for forward thinking foodservice operators, who wish to store a larger volume of ingredients at the point of meal preparation and cooking, for improved ergonomics and increased kitchen efficiency, avoiding the need for operators to leave the workstation to fetch supplies from remote refrigerators. In terms of venue planning, the improved use of kitchen space allows more room to be allocated to the dining area for increased sales capacity. Bulk storage units are also used for high volume operations, such as supermarkets, where they are specified for pizza preparation, bakery and delicatessen applications.


The bulk storage range includes a variety of options, including rear or side-mounted machinery. The units are available with standard depth drawers or shallow drawers. For applications requiring a food preparation worktop or cooking equipment mounted on the fridge, there is a solid top model with load bearing capacity.


Models may be supplied with a drawer temperature range of -22°C to +15°C, at 0.1°C increments, or for fridge only temperatures of 0°C to 15°C, with an energy rating of A+. Upon request, units may be configured to include drawers with a combination of these temperature ranges.


Food quality and freshness over longer periods are assured by Adande’s patented insulated horizontal container design. The ‘hold the cold’ technology prevents the spillage of chilled air when the drawer is opened, maintaining accurate and stable temperature within the unit and reducing energy consumption for cost savings. The fridge operates, as standard, on a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant, R600a, which has minimal Global Warming Potential (GWP) and exceptional thermodynamic performance qualities.