Sustainability: Adande’s Commitments for a Sustainable Future
At Adande, improving refrigeration continues to be at the heart of our business. Delivering world class environmentally-friendly products sustainably, has been our mission for over 20 years. Our patented refrigerated drawer design, unmatched to date, ensures the cold air stays with the food reducing energy and food waste. This has been a ground-breaking advancement in refrigeration. Adande’s open-display cabinets, similarly are market leading and currently, in 2022 unmatched in their efficiencies.

There are three areas Adande’s Sustainability Agenda is focused -:
Environmentally Sustainable Materials
Our People
Reduced Environmental Impact

Our Sustainability Agenda covers all areas of our business, ensuring collaboration, group thinking and a collective drive to achieve our shared, organisational goals.

Environmentally Sustainable Materials
Adande Drawers are 90% recyclable and all our products use natural refrigerants with low environmental impact. We continue to research the use of different materials that have less impact on the environment and can be recycled and reused.

Our People
Through a commitment to corporate responsibility and good governance the Adande internal family build refrigeration adhering to health and safety processes that ensure our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our customers who use our products reliably. We adhere to ISO 26000 both follow and respect the seven principles identified. We have an excellent health and safety record and are committed to ensure this is upheld. We hold ISO 14001 and are committed to the IOSH training of our staff.

Reduced Environmental Impact.
Through clever design, Adande has ensured that by using an insulated refrigerated drawer the cold air stays with the food. This ensures a stable temperature and keeps humidity low when opened. The impact is two-fold. Firstly, the Adande keeps food fresher for longer and actively reduces food waste. Secondly, Adande is a low energy user, reducing energy waste even when the drawer is opened frequently. This keeps operator costs low, and reduces an operator’s carbon footprint. The more recently developed Aircell technology provides similar benefits for chilled, open multideck display cabinets.

We are committed to delivering world class refrigeration that works in harmony with the environment, is ergonomically efficient and delivers benefits for the operator that can be quantified and that support sustainability goals and the drive to carbon-zero.