Adande Saladette

Refrigerated Saladette Counter
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The winner of the Foodservice Equipment Journal ‘Supplier of the Year for New Product Development 2021’ award, Adande’s saladette model has been recognised for its innovative features and environmental credentials. The product was developed following extensive consultation with Adande’s foodservice and QSR customers. The model incorporates Adande’s patented side-engine VCS2 two drawer fridge and an integrated refrigerated saladette unit, which accommodates six 150 mm deep 1/3 GN pans. The saladette is suited to a wide variety of foodservice applications, including pizza preparation, garnishing and general mise en place.


The server has been redesigned with a front facing profile, angled towards the operator, for simple and fast access. This is particularly useful where speed of service is critical, such as QSRs, dark kitchens and busy foodservice operations. The model has a reinforced worktop providing a large plating-up area. The design upgrade has also enhanced the aesthetics of the saladette, which is important for operations with open kitchens.


The unit’s compact footprint allows it to be conveniently located at the point of food

preparation or service. Its large capacity means that bulk chilled produce may be stored in the top host unit drawer, with meal ingredients at the operator’s fingertips. The top drawer operates as an A+ energy rated fridge with the ability to set an accurate and stable temperature within a range from 0°C to 15°C, in increments of 0.1°C. The bottom drawer may be configured to act as a refrigerator or a freezer, with a temperature range of -22°C to 15°, depending upon food storage requirements.


Like all Adande fridges the saladette model benefits from insulated horizontal container ‘hold the cold’ technology, which prevents cold air from spilling from the fridge, no matter how frequently the drawers are opened. This has positive implications for food quality and reduced energy consumption. The fridge and saladette unit use a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant, R600a, which has minimal Global Warming Potential (GWP) and exceptional thermodynamic performance qualities.