Adande Cassette Unit

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A+ fridge above shallow drawer (ASS2) or shallow above A+ fridge drawer(SAS2)
A+ fridge above standard drawer (AVS2) or standard above A+ fridge drawer (VAS2)
shallow above standard drawer (SVS2) or standard above shallow drawer (VSS2)
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Adande cassette models are designed to be fitted into kitchen workstations, providing cold storage capacity at the point of meal preparation and service. They are suitable for new installations or may be retrofitted as part of a kitchen refurbishment. Cassette units are appropriate for a wide range of foodservice operations from dark kitchens to fine dining establishments. Adande has installed cassette units in lots of high-profile venues including top flight football clubs and sports venues.

The range includes one or two drawer units, with a generous capacity of 40 kg of food per drawer. Shallow drawer options, with a capacity of 30 kg of food per drawer are also available. A pass through ‘matchbox’ facility is available, allowing food to be accessed from both sides of the unit. Cassette models offer a choice of side or rear-mounted engines.

The temperature of each drawer may be independently controlled, through a range of -22°C to +15°C, at 0.1°C increments, for frozen or chilled holding of food at the optimum temperature. Modules may also be supplied with one of the drawers configured for A+ energy rated fridge only temperatures of 0°C to +15°C. For greater food prep versatility, one of the drawers may be a blast chiller, which is ideal for cook/freeze regimes, or a tempering drawer.

Adande’s cassette units are based on unique and patented ‘hold the cold’ technology, with low velocity cooling: cold air falling down gently onto and around food stored in the insulated horizontal containers within the unit. The fact that the chilled air in the fridge is heavier than the ambient air means that the cold air is retained within the container, no matter how often the drawer is opened. This ensures accurate and stable holding temperatures, which have positive implications for the storage of food at optimum quality and freshness over extended periods, as well as significantly decreased energy consumption. As standard, Adande fridges use a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant, R600a, which has minimal Global Warming Potential (GWP) and exceptional thermodynamic performance qualities.