• Bulk storage at the point of use.
  • Ideal for meat, deli and larder prep.
  • Suitable for pastry and dessert prep.
  • Perfect storage for garnish and ‘mise en place’ generally.
  • Bulk storage next to deep-fry station, with worktop-mounted fry basket rack as an optional extra.


Unit dimensions
878mm to
4 x 1/1 GN pans D100 mm (40 kg food)
Temperature mode
0°C to
Max unit unladen weight
82 kg
Electrical 230V 50 Hz, UK three-pin plug & 2 m coiled lead


Under Counter + Top Cover (T)

Finished Height

Load-bearing Capacity

High castor base (HC)




Standard castor base (C)




Small castor base (SC)




Rollers & feet base (R)




Small rollers & feet base (SR)




Locking roller base (L)




Small locking roller base (SL)





What makes Adande different?

When Adande developed their patented ‘Hold the Cold’ technology, it was the first significant innovation in refrigeration for over 70 years.
Adandes are not the same as other drawer units; they’re not the same as door operated ones either.
You can’t compare a combi-oven with a standard oven, nor can you compare an Adande with any traditionally made unit, and here’s why…

Energy Usage

When it comes to looking after the environment Adande Refrigeration is a great partner to have.

Compared to other brands in the market, an Adande is a lower energy user, saving you £s

Plus up to 3 drawers can be run from a single 3-pin plug, whether using as a fridge or a freezer.

Larger capacity, smaller footprint

Intelligent design delivers ergonomic benefits

More storage volume

Adande provides the greatest storage (86L) per standard drawer compared to any drawer unit with the same footprint.

“Pub kitchens are notoriously tight for work space. The large capacity of the Adande drawers, relative to their compact footprint, helps us make the best use of the available floor area"

Let's Talk Temperature

Temperature flexibility

Adande gives you the flexibility to set the temperature to within 0.1 °C to suit the food you are holding. You are able also to change the temperature, from fridge to freezer and back again, as you need. This ensures that Adande refrigeration actively assists in delivering the best quality food for your diners.

An Adande fridge keeps a stable temperature which means food is kept fresher for longer. This helps in the reduction of food waste and also
the meeting of sustainability objectives. It also maximizes your bottom line.

Temperature stability

Precise, temperature control at incremental settings from fridge (+15 °C) to freezer (-22 °C) set Adande units apart. Fish held at precisely +1 °C without the need for ice stays fresher for longer, and is easier to filet. Fresh meat stored in an Adande set at exactly +2 °C suffers less from dehydration or drip loss. Ice creams and sorbets held at -15 °C stay at the ideal serving temperature without any ice crystals forming. Fries spit less when cooked, take up less oil and are cooked to a consistent standard when they have been stored in an Adande. Seafood, pasta, pastries, salad and garnishes are amongst the many other different food types that are better kept in a such a stable and precisely controlled environment.

Turn up the heat

Adande heatshields give unparalleled protection allowing you to position your Adande fridge safely beneath cooking equipment with temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit/200 degrees Celsius.

The heatshield protects the fridge housing ensuring that even if positioned under the most intense temperature, your Adande fridge will perform consistently and reliably without issue, even when in freezer mode.

Operators find this particularly useful; some use their Adande under frying stations, some under induction grills, or even under hot coals.

Adande heatshields come as standard with an Adande unit.

Cool it down

An ever-popular option of an Adande drawer, is the addition of the blast-chill functionality.

Blast-chillers allow operators to work a Cook/ Chill system, where food can be cooked, chilled and then re-thermalised as required without the loss of nutrition, quality or taste. It is a preferred process that helps maximise kitchen efficiency during busy service periods.

Traditionally, blast chillers have taken up a large footprint in the kitchen, which has meant that smaller operations have often been excluded from enjoying the advantages of the Cook/Chill process.

Now, the capability to Cook/Chill via the blastchill function can be included in the Adande fridge unit. The flexibility this gives means that chefs can blast-chill as needed before returning the Adande unit to its usual fridge or freezer temperature. The Adande drawer with blast-chill option is especially popular in the pastry sections of kitchens for the preparation of unique and exquisite chocolate and moussebased desserts.

Cool Connections

A digitally connected kitchen is a chef’s best friend. Technology now helps shoulder the load for busy venues enabling them to automate those important yet time-consuming tasks, such as refrigeration temperature monitoring.

Adande can provide fuss-free practical solutions when it comes to connecting your refrigeration. With processes developed for working with your software provider of choice, Adande can dovetail neatly into your connectivity suite so you can monitor, record and store temperature readings at times most convenient for you.

Talk to our team today, and find out how we can help you. Let’s get connected

Adande works harder, to do more

Adande is intelligent refrigeration, no matter what type of kitchen you are running. Adande is the partner you can rely on.

Adande uses less energy. Saving you ££s, immediately.

You have more storage space per footprint with our stackable units. This is important not only when space is at a premium, but it allows you to have more dining room, less kitchen.

The Adande design of ‘hold-the-cold’ keeps food fresher for longer, keeps the taste and texture of food intact. This means not only happy diners, but less food waste. Less food waste, saves you ££s

Adande gives you the opportunity to have bulk storage right where you need it, allowing chefs to have the items they need at hand. When speed is of the essence this not only saves you time and money but allows you to do more.

Need more flexibility? No problem – you set your temperature anywhere from -22 – +15 degrees.

Adande is low maintenance with low annual maintenance cost. We have 5-year UK warranty to prove it.

All in all, efficiency is at the very heart of all Adande products.