Sustainable, next generation refrigeration.

Powered by Aircell technology, the award-winning BORA open-display refrigerated cabinet is a next generation open-display grab and go cabinet that delivers sustainably for retailers.

Maximising Store Revenue

According to recent research, did you know multideck retail cabinets with doors see grab & go sales drop by 13%? With the Bora open-display cabinet you can rest assured shoppers are encouraged to browse and influenced to buy.

Unrivaled Energy Efficiency

The Bora remains true to Adande DNA in that like all Adande refrigeration it holds-the-cold and delivers unrivaled performance. The Bora is super efficient, the cold air stays with the cabinet hence it has the most efficient energy rating of any open-display multideck on the market today (see below).  This alone can save retailers and hospitality operators £000’s of pounds in energy bills. The Bora is powered from one single plug for maximum convenience. 

Introducing the Bora Colour Deck - customise your cabinet in a colour to suit

Why should you choose the Bora cabinet?

The amount of CO2 emissions saved by 1 Adande BORA open-display cabinet, when compared to a standard open-display cabinet, is equivalent to removing 2 cars from Britain’s roads.

Bora maintains food quality, keeping it fresher for longer.

Powered by Aircell technology, the Adande Bora open-display multideck cabinet is unrivalled in performance. It holds-the-cold keeping a consistent and stable temperature, whilst controlling humidity. What is a perfect microclimate, keeps food fresher for longer, extending food freshness and reducing food waste.