Adande Blast Chill

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Get The Most From Your Adande Blast Chiller

The Adande blast chiller drawers are a refrigeration industry first, in that any Adande Drawer can be adapted to function as a blast chiller, while still retaining fridge and freezer functionality. This flexibility makes Adande drawers ideal for the Cook/Chill system of food preparation, adding to the productivity of your foodservice operation.

Will My Business Benefit From Cook/Chill?

Cook/Chill is commonly associated with larger food service operations.  Adande’s blast chill drawers puts quick chill within the realms of smaller catering operations such as cafés, bistros, pubs, hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, pizzerias, sandwich bars and coffee shops.

The Benefits Of Cook/Chill

By utilising Cook/Chill technology, meals can be prepared, cooked, chilled and re-thermalised with little or no nutritional loss and without altering appearance or taste. Most importantly, blast chilling can save time and make it easier for operators to comply with food safety regulations.

Flexible Temperature

Your Adande drawer is more than just a blast chiller. Uniquely, when you are not blast chilling, you have the flexibility of additional chilled or frozen storage. For example, you could choose to blast chill early in the morning, then use your Adande drawer as a regular chiller during service.