Commercial Energy Saving

See how much you can save with Adande Refrigeration, below

By comparing the Adande BORA cabinet with a common industry cabinet, in this
instance the Foster FM PRO 1200NG, we can see that the BORA uses 5986 kWhr /
annum less electricity than the Foster. To put this into financial terms, if you are
paying 0.70 per kWhr you will save £4,190 per year, by choosing Adande.
The table below shows how over an 8-year period these savings will cover the
cost of the unit itself. In fact, you can save £33,500.

Also notice how the total display area is higher in the Adande BORA, meaning
you have greater space to present your goods to your customer.

Energy savings compared to common industry cabinet
8-Year period of energy costs you could save

If you are not sure what you currently pay your electricity provider per kWh, see the table below for a range of costs, and
the savings this would give, based on the energy required to run the units.

To see more information on the energy use of Adande refrigeration, see our product section. Or alternatively if you would like one of our representatives to help you with energy saving, please contact us below.