Adande Achieves Carbon Neutral Status  

Adande Refrigeration is pleased to announce today, the company successfully achieved carbon neutral status
as part of its commitment to a sustainable operation.

Adande Refrigeration is pleased to announce today that the company successfully achieved carbon neutral status in 2022. The CAFA certified carbon neutral status has been awarded by Climate Action for Associations (CAFA) and recognises the measurement, reporting and offsetting of Adande’s emissions during 2022, as well as recognising and taking into account the additional measures Adande has taken.

The company has recorded all carbon emissions for 2022 by contributing to projects that fund a global portfolio of VCS certified carbon reduction programmes such as carbon avoidance, and clean and renewable energy generation.

Managing Director, Karl Hodgson -“
‘We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded carbon neutral status for 2022. Adande has always been committed to producing sustainable refrigeration, it’s in our DNA – ensuring our products are as energy efficient as possible, and by holding-the-cold better than anyone else, enabling the reduction of food waste, whilst maintaining food quality. This has been evidenced most recently by our BORA open display multideck.”

Now, our company journey to carbon net zero is also well underway as we look at all our processes and improve practises throughout our organisation.

We have a robust plan and carbon reduction targets to help us maintain our carbon neutral status going forward and acknowledge this is the path we need to follow. In a wider context, however, the announcement today is great news for hospitality operators who care about sustainability across their own organisations and are looking to improve the sustainability status of their own supply chains. Adande Refrigeration can help them in turn reduce their carbon footprints by selecting us as an equipment partner.

Ali Heppenstall, Executive Director of CAFA: “Becoming a net zero company requires a long-term commitment. Adande’s environmental action to reduce their carbon emissions is a shining example of a foodservice business leading the way when it comes to sustainability and energy use reduction. CAFA is proud to be working with Adande
to support, measure and report its net-zero progress.”

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Adande is an award-winning UK manufacturer of refrigeration equipment. Adande is known for its innovative design that ensures optimum quality and freshness of any produce cooled,
frozen or preserved by Adande. From the patented design of its iconic drawers to its newly launched retail chiller featuring Aircell technology, Adande is globally known as the professional product of choice trusted by discerning chefs and retailers.

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